Freeze the Fat Dr

Freeze The Fat Dr



ore about our BOTOX Treatment:


  • Treatment designed to reduce the visibility of fine lines
  • Involves the use of a purified protein that relaxes muscles
  • Designed to make fine lines less visible
  • Common areas include the frown lines between eyebrows, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet
  • Injections take approximately 10 minutes
  • Helps make skin appear fresher and plumper
  • Cosmetic treatments are performed by doctors only



BOTOX is a non-invasive non-surgical cosmetic solution that can smooth out wrinkles* and give your face a lift*. This substance, when injected in very small quantities into your skin which will temporarily weaken the muscles of injected area, smooths wrinkles and frown lines. *

Botox (per unit)$8

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