Freeze the Fat Dr

Freeze The Fat Dr





  • Deep wrinkles and creases in the lower face and neck
  • Fatty deposits along the jawline or chin
  • Acne or other dermal scars
  • “Jowls” along the neck
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Loose or sagging skin

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InModeMD’s new Morpheus8 skin treatment is a great option for Los Angeles area patients seeking skin rejuvenation and ways to reduce signs of aging without having to go under the knife. It uses fractionated radio-frequency (RF) heat to immediately shrink the skin and to stimulate natural collagen production, which acts like an internal glue, further tightening the skin over time. It can safely reach even the deepest layers of skin and tissue, reducing excess fat and rejuvenating the face and neck in a matter of minutes.

Upper face including under eyes (one session)$499

Upper face including under eyes (three sessions)$999
Full Face (one session)$799
Full Face (three session)$1499
Full Neck (one session)$799
Full Neck (three session)$1499
Full Face and Full Neck (one session)$999
Full Face and Full Neck (three session)$1999
Full Stomach (one session)$999
Full Stomach (three session)$1999
Under Arms (one session)$799
Under Arms (three session)$1499
Knees (one session)$799
Knees (three session)$1499
Hands Sweat Glands (one session)$799
Hands Sweat Glands (three session)$1499
Feet Sweat Glands (one session)$799
Feet Sweat Glands (three session)$1499
Underarms Sweat Glands (one session)$799
Underarms Sweat Glands (three session)$1499

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